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Since inception, Qatrana Cement has been keen to provide high quality products through abiding by the highest specifications, applying the highest quality standards in all stages of production, and providing a stable final product in terms of chemical, physical and mechanical properties. In addition to choosing the finest raw materials for product color stability, and controlling the products through local & international accredited bodies.


The Qatrana Cement Company was established in 2007 with a total investment of 500 million dollars. The plant started operating in the first quarter of 2011 with a daily production capacity of 5000 tons to meet the demand of Jordanian and foreign markets Iraq, Palestine and Syria.
The Qatrana Cement management applies the well-known expertise of the mother company, Arabian Cement, which was established in 1956 in Jeddah, and considered the first cement manufacturing company in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Region.
The Qatrana Cement plant is located 80 km south of Amman and characterized by the availability of high quality raw materials in Qatrana region in addition to its proximity to the major transportation routs that serve the local and regional markets, and also has a relative distance from population density.


We, at Qatrana Cement, are committed to producing quality cement in accordance with Jordanian and European standards to meet the market needs at competitive specifications and prices.
We aim to achieve sustainable excellence in all our activities, and are committed to completely satisfy our customers by providing products and services which not only meet, but exceed, our customers' expectations.We are continuously engaged in improving the effectiveness of our quality management systems by applying technological advances and upgrades to the manufacturing facilities. Our emphases are on innovation training and development of our employees' qualifications at all levels.

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AMMAN, Mecca Str.
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Building No.174 2nd floor, office No.201
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Amman 11821 Jordan

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